Our Practice

I enjoy having patients walk out of my office understanding their condition. Seeing the relief and comfort on their faces lets me know I did my best to educate and treat them.

I am very fortunate to love my work. I wanted to pursue a specialty that pushed the forefront of innovation and I was introduced to the world of Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain. As an undergraduate in the UCLA School of Dentistry, I worked with pioneers in the field, Dr. William Solberg and Dr. Glenn Clark, whose clinic would grow into one of the most prestigious Orofacial Pain centers in the world.

After graduating from Loyola Dental School and completing my periodontics residency at University of Southern California, I joined UCLA’s newly formed TMJ Clinic as attending faculty. I concurrently established a dual private practice in Westwood, specializing in the management of Orofacial Pain and Periodontal disease.

My continued commitment to teaching dentists of all experience levels keeps me on the cutting edge of an ever-changing field. My position has expanded over the years to treat patients with snoring and sleep apnea.