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Could Gum Disease Cause Missing Teeth?

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When you have periodontal disease, this could lead to bleeding gums and soreness, and eventually the onset of missing teeth. This disease could also complicate the placement of dental implants to fill these gaps. In today’s blog, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist talks about treating gum disease and tooth loss, restoring health, beauty, and function… Read more »

How Does Gum Disease Cause Missing Teeth?

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When you have a serious oral health concern like periodontal disease, this could grow more severe over time without treatment to manage it. Over time, this could even lead to one or more missing teeth! In today’s blog, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist talks about how we treat issues like periodontal disease, and our options… Read more »

Could Gum Disease Cause Tooth Loss?

With poor gum health comes discomfort, including soreness or bleeding. But could issues like gum disease lead to the loss of one or more natural teeth? In today’s blog, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist will explain how poor periodontal health means complications of your smile, and how we treat common gum health issues.

Ways that Tooth Loss Impacts Your Health

Adult tooth loss is often not something that individuals actively worry about, as there is always a slew of other items occupying one’s thoughts. The fact of the matter is, however, that it does occur in adults and can be the product of gum disease, decay, or other infection. In the case of any of… Read more »

Why Tooth Loss Matters in the Long Run

  Healthy, natural adult teeth can typically last for life with the right level of care and maintenance. Unfortunately, tooth loss remains a problem for a large number of adults, and it can become a significant concern for many different reasons. Today, we examine why tooth loss matters to your smile and oral health in… Read more »

Complicated Impacts of Losing Teeth

If you lose even a single tooth, the potential impact to your smile’s appearance can be significant. In fact, this impact is what prompts many people to address the condition by replacing the lost tooth. However, some of the impacts of tooth loss aren’t visible at all at first, and many of them can have… Read more »

How to Tell if You’re At-Risk for Tooth Loss

The thing about most oral health concerns is that they’re largely predictable. Conditions like tooth decay and periodontal disease have specific, direct causes (namely, the oral bacteria that accumulate on your teeth every day). They also progress in specific ways, though how far they progress differs from patient to patient. However, when it comes to… Read more »