Are My Headaches And Jaw Pains Connected?

If you regularly experience headaches as well as issues with jaw pain and stiff movement, you could be correct in suspecting these problems are connected. Individuals who suffer from TMJ disorder can experience more than just difficulty moving their jaw. In time, they can experience more difficulties with teeth grinding, headaches, stiff and limited bite movement, and persistent neck and shoulder discomfort. Our Los Angeles, CA dentist’s office is committed to helping people with jaw problems enjoy true relief from these kinds of TMJ troubles. After your evaluation, we can help you understand what the right treatment can do to relieve dental pain and improve your overall quality of life. (more…)

Do You Have A Sleep Disorder?

los angeles sleep apnea

If you have trouble resting at night, or feel tired during the day even though you assume you rested well the night before, then you could be suffering from a sleep disorder. Chronic snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are common issues that could eventually strain your immune system and even your cardiovascular system! Fortunately, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist has a solution.