Defend Your Smile During Pregnancy

Pregnant LAHandling a pregnancy is more than a full time job on its own. It may seem like everywhere you turn, there is something new that you have to manage, for you, your future child, or both. But please do not ignore your oral health during this time, as you are much more susceptible to damage to your gum tissue.

Periodontal disease, or the inflammation and infection of this area, is very common among expecting patients. This can happen for a variety of reasons, so it is best that you keep an open dialog with your oral health team. Do not skip dental appointments, and as always, keep to a strict oral health care routine!

Today, your Los Angeles, CA dentist writes about the dangers that pregnant mouths commonly experience. We will go over some early warning signs so that you may be able to stem off any damage as soon as you notice any change!

My Gums Have Always Been Healthy

During the course of having a child, the body undergoes an incredible amount of changes. These are so dramatic, that health issues may arise that never gave you trouble before. Gestational diabetes is a prime example of this, where normally healthy individuals experience a bout of the disease due to the process.

This can also be the case with periodontal disease. Many people with healthy mouths find themselves experiencing swelling and redness. This is most likely a sign of gingivitis, or the initial steps of gum disease. It is most likely not as a result of overbrushing, so do not put this off!

Stick To Appointments

Time is another aspect of having a baby that can complicate things. But please make sure to visit your dentist through this process, and speak with the office if you notice any changes big or small. Feel free to give us a call with your concerns or questions. Knowledge is key in the dental world!

A pregnant body’s hormones change significantly almost immediately after conception. So during this time, make sure that you keep an eye on as many aspects of your health as you can. It is also very important to have resources around you where you can receive qualified, appropriate advice. This is a huge medical undertaking, and you should feel comfortable in not knowing everything just yet.

Your dentist will like to see you sometime in the second or third trimester, depending on your health history. The more regularly we can see a mouth allows us more clues when it changes. So always be sure to set firm appointments at regular intervals. We like to get to know you!

Questions Or Concerns?

If you have anything else you’d like to know about your upcoming pregnancy and how it relates to your oral health, give us a call! Reach us at (310)446-4867 and we can discuss any possible problems you have, and ways to resolve them!