Has Bruxism Put Your Enamel At Risk?

Your dental enamel’s strength is important for protecting your smile and health over time. For people who deal with bruxism, nightly teeth grinding issues can negatively impact their appearance and health by causing potential smile damage. Continued friction from grinding and clenching will wear down this material, which can lead to chips, cracks, and other problems that can hurt your smile and oral health. Our Los Angeles, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help protect you against this problem. We can also address related issues with poor jaw alignment and movement.

Your Nightly Rest Can Do Harm To Your Smile When You Suffer From Bruxism

Sleep has many benefits for our overall health. Failing to enjoy a proper night’s rest can affect your mood, your recovery from problems with your well-being, and generally give you more energy for your day. If you have problems with bruxism, the night is a time when your smile can face more risks, as you can engage in repeated unconscious grinding and clenching. As you do this, you can weaken your enamel to the point where teeth become seriously damaged. Beyond general wear and tear, you can create significant chips and cracks that affect your well-being and make you vulnerable to tooth loss.

Using A Custom Oral Guard To Stop Wear And Tear

With a custom oral guard, you can protect your smile during the night. We take care to create an appliance that you can trust to stay securely in position as you rest. It stops the friction from grinding and clenching from occurring. This also reduces the stress that bruxism can place on your joints and muscles to reduce problems with pain.

Your Bruxism Troubles May Point To An Issue With TMJ Disorder

You may be grinding and clenching your teeth throughout the night because of an unresolved issue with TMJ disorder. These two issues are linked, with each one potentially causing the other to become a concern. We can work with you on different solutions that address problems with poor jaw alignment and movement. That can include oral appliance therapy as well as physical therapy and behavioral therapy.

Talk To Your Los Angeles, CA Dentist About Treatment For Bruxism!

If you have problems with bruxism, letting the matter go untreated can have serious consequences. The more time that you spend with this issue, the more likely it is to end with your smile being altered and even damaged. Fortunately, this is one of many issues related to jaw health that our practice can address! We can make sure you have protection during the night, and we can see to it that you have support if you have related issues with poor joint alignment and movement. If you would like to find out more, contact Ivan Lapidus DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA at 310-446-4867.