How Can Treatment Manage Gum Disease?

If you have problems with your periodontal health, your vulnerability to oral health and even general health complications can be greater than you realize. Proper care in response to this issue is important. Without the right care, your infection can progress in severity, raising your risk for tooth loss as well as the harmful spread of bacteria. At our Los Angeles, CA oral health practice, we can provide different solutions for problems with gum disease. The support we offer ranges from care to remove harmful bacteria from your teeth roots to more involved forms of support. That advanced care can include careful periodontal surgery and even work to permanently replace teeth lost as a consequence of your infection.

Gum Disease Can Have Serious Consequences When It Is Not Treated In Time

At first, a person who develops a problem with their gums will need to deal with gingivitis. This is a reversible condition, which means you can resolve it before there are complications that threaten to create more serious issues for you. However, if you do not tend to it in time, you can experience difficulties with more advanced gum disease that will cause deeper periodontal pockets to form and problems such as tooth loss!

Managing An Infection Through Preventive Care

Preventive care in the form of scaling and root planing can stop gingivitis and give your gums a chance to recover from the effects of an infection. The service will remove bacteria from your roots; by clearing out these harmful microbes, we can stop them from causing further harm to surrounding gum tissues, which means you can recover and avoid any further complications. Timing is important when it comes to caring for gum disease; if this approach is not used in time, it can become necessary to provide more advanced services.

Dealing With More Significant Problems Linked To Gum Disease

To properly manage a more serious infection, we may need to take on problems with more advanced solutions. Pocket reduction surgery is an option that is available when you have issues with deeper periodontal pockets that have formed because of gum disease. You also have the option of pursuing implant dentistry, which can address the loss of teeth related to gum disease. This is an approach that gives you prosthetic support that is reliable enough to make biting, chewing, and speaking easier!

Talk To Your Los Angeles, CA Dental Practice About Your Issues With Gum Disease!

The right response to gum disease can help you manage this potentially serious issue and enjoy a resolution to problems with your appearance and well-being. If you would like to find out more about how we can take care of you, contact Ivan Lapidus DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA at 310-446-4867.