Sleep Issues To Bring To Your Dentist

What kind of subjects should you talk about with your dentist? Cavity prevention can obviously be an important topic. Problems with limited or painful bite movements can certainly be worth discussing as well. What you might not think to mention is something that affects you while you sleep. For some, this nightly issue is with an unconscious habit of jaw grinding and clenching. For another, it will be difficulty with snoring and sleep apnea. By letting your Los Angeles, CA dentist know that these problems affect you, it becomes easier to have these troubles resolved so that they can no longer impact your quality of life!

What Happens During The Night Can Affect Your Smile

As you sleep at night, you may be creating problems for your smile. Trouble with bruxism, or unconscious grinding and clenching, can wear down your enamel. It can also put increasing pressure on teeth, which can lead to their becoming chipped or cracked. For those who struggle with sleep apnea, distractions from fatigue can make your smile care routine less effective. Our practice can offer different forms of treatment to address patients’ jaw troubles that affect their quality of life. When you talk to us about your nocturnal difficulties, we can see to it that you have the right care!

We Can Take On Your Difficulties With Teeth Grinding And Clenching

When you have issues with bruxism, you can unconsciously grind and clench your jaw all though the night. While tough, our teeth are not capable of continually experiencing the friction and pressure created by this activity over time, which means you are vulnerable to injuries. Fortunately, appliance therapy keeps teeth safe when there is an unconscious instinct to grind or clench while resting. When it is in position, it stops further issues with friction so that no further harm can take place.

Addressing Sleep Apnea To Restore Your Nightly Rest

When you struggle with sleep apnea, there are several concerns that you should know about. Worsening fatigue, difficulty with your focus and short-term memory, and other problems can affect you. The longer you go without treating your condition, the more you can struggle with the effects of sleep deprivation. A treatment for sleep apnea in the form of appliance therapy can make treatment for this easier than you anticipate, as it helps you go without the need for a CPAP machine.

Talk To Your Los Angeles, CA Dentist About Your Sleep Issues

Through the care provided at our office, we can help you stop a problem with your nightly rest from hurting your smile, and we can even stop it from impacting your overall health. For more information, contact Ivan Lapidus DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA at 310-446-4867.