Correcting Poor Jaw Alignment And Movement

There are different reasons why people live with persistent pain. What may surprise you is how much impact your jaw alignment and movement can have on your quality of life. When the joints are not moving or resting in proper alignment, more stress can be placed on them as well as your muscles. Over time, this tension can build to cause ongoing pain from TMJ disorder, raise your risk for teeth grinding, and cause other issues capable of lowering your quality of life. At our Los Angeles, CA dental office, we have experience treating problems with jaw pain, stiffness, and misalignment. In doing so, we can help you move past many problems with daily pain and sensitivity!

Are You Living With An Untreated TMJ Issue?

It may not be obvious to you that you need treatment for a jaw disorder initially. However, when you look into the symptoms of these problems, you can recognize that many of the common problems are ones that you face. TMJ difficulties can cause pain in the face and jaw, problems with teeth grinding, uneven or limited bite movement, and pain in areas such as your face, head, and neck. Fortunately, when a TMJ problem is identified, it can be addressed so that there are no further concerns about it.

We Offer Different Services That Can Improve Your Bite Function

Our practice can help patients take on different issues with their bite function and alignment which affect how they live. Different approaches to TMJ treatment can involve physical therapy, work with custom appliances, other solutions. As we work with you on changing your bite function, you can see how problems with headaches, teeth grinding, and more start to resolve.

Jaw Problems Can Be Connected To Surprising Problems

You may not be prepared for just how much your jaw alignment affects you. People who leave this problem unmanaged may start to grind and clench their teeth at night, which can cause serious damage. They can also have headaches that are severe enough to disrupt their day, ear pain, and trouble with desired jaw movement.

Talk To Your Los Angeles, CA Dentist About Correcting Your Issues With Poor Jaw Alignment And Movement

Because our practice can identify the signs of poor jaw alignment and movement and recommend treatment, we are able to help people in the LA area who suffer from different forms of dental, jaw, and facial pain. A difficulty with TMJ disorder can have more impact than you realize. The longer you spend not dealing with it, the more time you spend experiencing different forms of discomfort. If you would like to do something about this matter and enjoy relief from pain, contact Ivan Lapidus DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA at 310-446-4867.