Recognizing The Progression of Gum Disease

Portrait of an attractive man showing his teeth and making eye contact. Hispanic man with gum problemsIn our most recent blog post, our team took a look at the major complications that can arise as a result of periodontal pain, as well as what signs and symptoms you should be on the lookout for. Indeed, taking care of your oral health extends much further than simply brushing your teeth, and a lifelong bill of health requires a well-rounded dental routine to maintain. Still, one cannot ignore the other structures contained in the oral cavity when providing care, otherwise infection is sure to take hold. In today’s blog, your Los Angeles, CA dentist takes a look at the way gum disease progresses throughout the mouth and how to recognize the differences in stages.

Starting Off with Gingivitis

When we ask our patients about the most common of dental concerns out there, more often than not, they reply with tooth decay. Indeed, dental decay truly is a common phenomenon, affecting millions of people every year. Though it is common, that does not mean it is something to be taken lightly. It would also be foolish to think that decay is your only concern.

You see, gum disease is close in frequency to that of tooth decay, and occurs when hyperactive plaque bacteria continue to wreak havoc on your periodontal tissues. While you may be familiar with the phenomenon known as gum disease, you may not be aware that it actually affects your smile’s health in stages.

When we practice poor oral hygiene, we experience an increased possibility of developing gingivitis. Gingivitis is an early form of gum disease that causes the tissues housing your teeth to become irritated and inflamed. To learn more about this stage and how to recognize the signs and symptoms, give our team a call today.

As the Infection Progresses

While gingivitis is certainly not favorable, it is the least of your periodontal worries when compared to later stages of infection. You see, when gingivitis is left untreated, it will progress into what is known as periodontitis. This issue occurs when the initial infection continues to spread and worsen. It can damage not only the gum tissues, but the jawbone as well. While it is common, it is also fairly preventable with the help of routine preventive care or in-office periodontal cleanings. Contact our office to learn more.

How Fast Does it Spread?

While gum infections may start slow, they tend to progress relatively quickly. This means that if you are not attending regular dental visits, you are at an increased risk. We recommend attending bi-annual checkups to ensure everything is as it should be.

Learn More Today

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