Treating TMJ Problems To Relieve Headaches

When headaches become a frequent problem in your daily life, you can be understandably concerned. What you may not realize is that when this happens, it can be due to unresolved issues with your jaw joints and muscles. One of the benefits to taking signs of TMJ disorder seriously is that treatment can relieve more than just pain in your temporomandibular (TMJ) joints and face. You can also improve your quality of life by reducing your issues with headaches, putting a stop to teeth grinding, and maintain a more comfortable bite. Our Los Angeles, CA dentist’s office can work with you on identifying and addressing problems with your joints and movement so that you can enjoy a lasting reduction in tension!

Unaddressed Trouble With Your Jaw Health Can Lead To More Headaches

There are many issues that can be traced back to problems with TMJ disorder. You may not be surprised to hear that this problem is something that affects your jaw movement and health. What can surprise you is that this issue may be responsible for your headaches, your tendency to clench or grind your teeth, and even problems with your neck and shoulders can be attributed to it as well. Our oral health services help determine why this issue is affecting you, and we can also recommend different solutions to the matter so that you can enjoy relief!

We Can Work With You To Correct Issues With Jaw Pain And Poor Alignment

How long have you lived with issues like jaw pain and stiffness, headaches, and other problems that could be connected to TMJ disorder? While many people try to adjust to these aches and pains, they can take away your focus, lower your quality of life, and even create problems that limited your bite health and function. If your problems include teeth grinding, they can also wear down your enamel and cause serious problems. By evaluating you, we can determine what issue or issues you currently face, and we can review different solutions that can help. Depending on your needs and concerns, we can review the advantages of oral appliance therapy, corrective physical therapy, and more to bring you lasting relief.

Talk To Your Los Angeles, CA Dentist About Jaw Problems And Chronic Headaches

Instead of trying to tolerate the painful headaches you experience, talk to your dentist about treatment the root of the concern. For many people, TMJ treatment can lead to relief from many different forms of discomfort. The sooner you look into the benefits of care, the sooner you can make corrections that improve your quality of life. We are happy to help you deal with your jaw health—to find out more, contact your Los Angeles, CA, dentist, Dr. Lapidus, by calling 310-446-4867.