The Symptoms Of Gum Disease

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Would you be able to recognize the symptoms of a serious issue like periodontal disease? Periodontal disease could mean everything from sore and bleeding gums, to tooth loss. In today’s blog, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist talks about how to respond to these symptoms, and why you may need to see us for treatment right away.

The Causes of Periodontal Problems

The disease starts when the gum tissues become inflamed. This initial inflammation, known as gingivitis, could grow more severe unless treated. Eventually, the tissues themselves pull away from the teeth and form pockets, which bacteria infiltrate. The disease then forms, while gingivitis could be reversed, once periodontal disease forms then treatment is needed to manage it, as there is no cure. Common factors behind inflammation include improper brushing and flossing, lack of routine dental cleanings, the use of tobacco products, inflammatory illnesses, and certain medications. If your family also has a history of poor periodontal health, this could be a factor too!

Warning Signs and Complications

In the early stages, people may notice soreness or redness in the tissues, and bleeding could begin to occur easily. As the problem worsens, the tissues could swell or recede, causing further discomfort and making teeth appear long. Without treatment, the disease could enter a stage known as periodontitis, which actually severs the tissues connecting your teeth and gums. The teeth then become loose and fall out. In fact, this is the number one cause of adult tooth loss, and could grow more severe until you lose most or all of your teeth, and develop premature signs of aging in your facial structure.

Treatment Options

Treatment options could vary. For example, in the early stages we could reverse the gingivitis or manage the disease with a deep cleaning, known as scaling and root planing, which removes buildup from the surfaces of your teeth and roots. We could also help with pocket reduction surgery, which limits the depth of the pockets to control the disease, or gum grafts to restore tissues to the areas with major recession. After these procedures, we may suggest regular dental cleanings every three to four months to manage the disease and keep your smile comfortable, healthy, and whole. If you do lose teeth, we could manage the disease and recommend dental implants.

If you have any questions about how to recognize and treat an issue like this, then contact our team today. We would love to help you schedule a consultation and start your journey to a whole an healthy smile!

Do You Have Questions About Periodontal Disease?

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