Treating The Effects Of Trauma

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When you suffer trauma, the injury or accident could alter the alignment and position of your jaw. The imbalance and strain could mean serious trouble for your smile’s function and health. In today’s blog, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist will talk about how we use treatment to correct the effects of your trauma and restore balance.

How Injury Could Impact Your Smile’s Balance

When you sustain an injury to your smile that damages teeth or knocks them out completely, or causes trauma and damage to the jaw, this could not only impact your appearance, but upset the balance of your bite. The imbalance then strains the jaw joints and impacts how well your mouth opens and closes. In addition to difficulties eating and speaking, you could develop chronic orofacial pain due to the onset of common disorders. When you sustain a serious injury to the face or jaw, you should let us know.

The Long-Term Impacts

The loss of your teeth could mean the gradual breakdown of the jawbone structure. Over time, this process could mean additional tooth loss and even an aged appearance. Imbalance in your smile could also strain the jaw joints, which causes the onset of TMJ disorder or even bruxism (chronic teeth grinding). These disorders could lead to painful headaches, jaw pain, facial aches, and a popping or cracking sensation in your jaw. As time passes, discomfort could grow worse and the pressure from grinding and clenching your teeth could damage them and lead to cavities, infection, and further tooth loss.

Possible Treatment Options

For those with tooth loss, we could use dental implants to provide a sturdy and durable replacement for missing teeth. To address trauma, we could also offer physical therapy to ease strain, as well as medication management and even cognitive behavioral therapy. For many cases of orofacial pain, we could also create an oral appliance. The device is custom-made based on digital images and x-rays taken of your smile, creating a 3D model we use to design and craft the appliance. The device is then worn daily as you sleep to ease pressure, reposition the jaw, and prevent further damage from teeth grinding.

If you have recently sustained a serious injury to your smile, then contact our team to see if you need treatment to avoid worsening discomfort. If you have any questions about our treatment options, or if you want to schedule a consultation, then give us a call today to learn more.

Do You Have Questions About Repairing Your Smile?

We would like to help you address the impacts of your damaged teeth. If you want to learn more about how our team restores balance and health, then contact Ivan Lapidus, DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA by calling 310-446-4867 today. Don’t live with worsening discomfort, let us know today!