A Dentist Could Stop Your Headaches

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When you have headaches in your daily life, this could mean that your jaw joints have become strained, or that bite imbalance and issues like teeth grinding are present. To bring relief to your orofacial pain and help prevent complications, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist could recommend treatment, which is often possible by wearing a comfortable oral splint as you rest.

The Link Between Headaches and Oral Health

When our smiles become imbalanced and the joints connecting our jaw and skull, known as the temporomandibular joints, become stressed, this could lead to mild and eventually, major discomfort. Often, people report headaches and migraines, but pain in the face, jaw, neck, and shoulders is reported as well. The pressure could also weaken to damage teeth, so tooth sensitivity and toothaches as a result of decay or infection could arise as well. When you experience persistent pain in and around your smile, you should let your dentist know right away.

TMJ Disorder and Bruxism

Our team will talk to you about your symptoms, and then carefully examine your smile with digital x-rays and intraoral cameras. The detailed and high-definition images will let us identify the factors behind your discomfort, and assess the severity. From there, we create a personalized treatment plan. Often, the disorders behind your orofacial pain are TMJ disorder or bruxism. With TMJ disorder, the pressure on the jaw joints has led to issues opening and closing your mouth, as well as a host of uncomfortable symptoms. With bruxism, the grinding and clenching places enormous pressure on the teeth, eventually damaging them. Untreated TMJ issues could lead to bruxism and vice-versa.

Treatment Options

For some, placing a crown or replacing a prosthetic could help restore balance and ease strain. Others may need orthodontics care to correct misalignment and improve balance. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants could also help ease pressure on various parts of your smile. However, we often ease headaches with an oral appliance. Crafted based on the images we took of your smile; the appliance fits and looks much like a simple mouthguard. But the device actually eases pressure on your smile by repositioning the jaw, and prevents bruxism damage by putting a barrier between the upper and lower sets of teeth.

If you have any questions about how we fight headaches with oral appliance therapy, or if you would like to schedule a visit, then give us a call today.

Do You Have Questions About Treating Migraines?

We want to help you find relief for the pain associated with issues like TMD and bruxism. If you want to learn more about how we bring relief to our patients, then contact Ivan Lapidus, DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA by calling 310-446-4867 today.