Month: May 2021

Your Daytime Drowsiness Could Mean Sleep Apnea

los angeles sleep apnea

When you feel tired on a daily basis, even if you believe you slept well, you could be suffering from a sleep disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Often, the issue is related to the positions of oral structures and how well you can breathe at night, which is why our team is ready… Read more »

Can We Stop Your Snoring?

los angeles snoring

When you snore on a nightly basis, you not only drive your significant other crazy, but this could mean you have a disorder that needs treatment. Fortunately, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist knows how to help you stop snoring, and explains this could be a warning sign of a serious issue known as obstructive sleep… Read more »

Preventing Headaches With An Oral Appliance

los angeles headache treatment

When you have persistent headaches, this orofacial pain could be related to common disorders like TMJ disorder or even bruxism (teeth grinding). To avoid this discomfort, you need a solution that restores balance to your smile. To accomplish this, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist may suggest a custom-made oral appliance.