A Solution For Your Orofacial Pain         

los angeles orofacial pain

When you develop discomfort in your jaw joints, head, and jaw, this is known as orofacial pain. These aches could occur throughout your head and face, and could indicate the presence of disorders like TMD or even bruxism (teeth grinding). In today’s blog, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist will look at possible solutions for your orofacial pain.

Symptoms of Trouble

Orofacial pain refers to any discomfort in and around your face, jaw joints, and head. This discomfort is often due to imbalance and strain in your bite, which in turn strains muscles throughout your face and head to cause major pain. For some, this could include chronic headaches and migraines, as well as jaw, facial, and ear aches. You could have trouble chewing your food, opening your mouth completely or closing it fully, and noises, such as popping or crackling, could occur as well. If you begin to encounter one or more of these potential warning signs on a regular basis, please see us right away for a diagnosis!

Common Disorders

The factors behind these symptoms we described above could vary, but include injury to the face or jaw, tooth loss, osteoarthritis, or dental misalignment. The discomfort could also be linked to jaw joints disorders. For example, TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, could develop as a result of strain on the temporomandibular joints, which connect your jaw and skull. Likewise, the cause could be related to bruxism, as disorders that develops when we grind and clench our night on a regular basis. Over time, these issues will grow more severe. As discomfort increases, so does the risk of damaged smiles, cavities, and infection. To avoid worsening symptoms, you need to discuss possible treatment options.

Our Treatment Options

We have a number of options that could help. To start, we will use digital technology to obtain a clear and detailed picture of your current oral health. We will look for signs of wear and friction in the teeth, as well as indicators of bit imbalance and strained joints. We could recommend physical therapy to offer relief, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy or medication to manage your discomfort. A very common treatment option is minimally invasive and comfortable, and requires the use of oral appliances. Custom-fitted for your smile, these fit like mouthguards and are worn as you sleep, repositioning the joints and restore bite balance to prevent further symptoms. If you have any questions about addressing orofacial pain, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Orofacial Pain?

Our team is ready to help improve the balance of your smile and prevent further symptoms with customized treatment. To learn more about our solutions for TMD and bruxism, then contact Ivan Lapidus, DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA by calling 310-446-4867 today.