Addressing The Impacts Of Gum Disease

los angeles gum disease

When you develop a serious oral health issue like periodontal disease, this could cause long-term changes to your smile, from receding gums to the loss of one or more of your teeth. In today’s blog, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist will explain how we manage gum disease and help repair the negative changes brought by periodontal issues.

The Cause of Gum Disease

How does this disease actually occur? Well, the issue starts with inflammation in the gingival tissues. Gum inflammation could be the result of tobacco use, a family history of periodontal problems, poor brushing and flossing habits, inflammatory illnesses, or certain medications. In the gingivitis stage, you may experience sore gums that look redder than usual or bleed easily. At this stage, the issue could be reversed with a scaling and root planing. Basically, this is a deep cleaning that removes harmful plaque and tartar, major factors in gum inflammation, from the surfaces of the teeth on one to four visits. However, if the issue grows more severe, then the gums could pull away from the teeth to form deep pockets, which bacteria infiltrate to cause periodontal disease. There is no cure, but treatment could be used to manage it and help prevent the later stages, which are linked to worsening discomfort and even adult tooth loss.


If you have a more severe cases of periodontal disease, then we could use Pocket Reduction Surgery to reduce the depth of the periodontal pockets, preventing further infection and disease. The gingival tissues could also recede severely, another factor in the risk of tooth loss. To correct this, gum grafting could be used to restore the smile and better support the teeth. Afterward, routine dental cleanings every three to four months could remove harmful plaque buildup and help prevent worsening inflammation, so you avoid factors stages like periodontitis.

Replacing Missing Teeth

What if you have lost teeth due to gum disease? If so, we can offer treatment to restore the smile and manage the inflammation. Once your smile is in better shape, we could move forward with the placement and restoration of one or more dental implants, filling the gaps in your smile and keeping it whole. Routine care could then prevent worsening disease or implant failure, so you avoid painful symptoms or further gaps in your smile. If you have any questions about how we diagnose and treat issues like gum disease, or how we offer tooth replacement with dental implants, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Periodontal Issues?

We want to help you avoid the long-term damage caused by untreated periodontal disease. To learn the process of treating issues like gingivitis and gum disease, then contact Ivan Lapidus, DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA by calling 310-446-4867 today.