Treating Your Dental Trauma

los angeles dental trauma

When you sustain injury to your smile, the trauma could mean damaged teeth and gums, as well as loose or missing teeth. Without treatment, these injuries could lead to serious complications, from infection to tooth loss. In today’s blog, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist will discuss addressing dental trauma with an array of treatment options.

The Dangers of an Injured Tooth

When a tooth is damaged, this could mean the protective outer layer of enamel is compromised, exposing the sensitive inner portions of dentin to harmful oral bacteria. The eventual result could be painful cavities and infected or abscessed teeth, complications linked to pain and even tooth loss. If a tooth is knocked loose or out completely, again care is needed to correct the impact of the trauma and prevent further complications for the health, function, and appearance of your smile. Finally, even minor trauma could alter the balance of your bite, the resulting strain on your jaw joints could mean a greater risk of orofacial pain due to disorders like TMD and bruxism (chronic teeth grinding).

Repair and Replacement

We have a number of options to restore your smile. We could discuss restorations to address any damage. An oral appliance and physical therapy could be used to correct damaged that impacts how your bite fits together and causes orofacial pain. We could also offer medication management as well to ease disorders throughout the treatment process. The sooner we address injury, the more likely you are to avoid worsening complications, such as trouble opening and closing your mouth, headaches, tooth sensitivity and toothaches, and pain in the face and jaw.

Protecting Your Smile

Our team could also discuss preventive measures. For example, a custom-made mouthguard provides a greater level of protection than a store-bought boil-and-bite option, and helps prevent injury to the teeth when you play sports or enjoy cavities that risk damaging your smile. If you have sustained an injury to your smile that impacts your teeth, jaw, or oral structures, or if you have persistent pain in and around your mouth and jaw, then please contact our team to schedule a visit. With a thorough diagnosis administered using digital technology, we can pinpoint the source of your discomfort with accuracy and precision, and create a personalized treatment plan to return you to normal life as soon as possible.

Do You Need Emergency Care?

We want to help you avoid major impacts on your appearance and oral health due to untreated trauma, preserving your smile to avoid tooth loss and strained smiles. To learn how we treat a broken or missing tooth, or correct issues with bite balance, airway obstructions, or damage to the jaw or joints, then contact Ivan Lapidus, DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA by calling 310-446-4867 today.