Finding Relief from Orofacial Pain

Sometimes pain is pretty straightforward. If you stub your toe and your toe hurts, that makes sense.  When it comes to orofacial pain, things can be different. Pain in the teeth, face, jaw, head, neck and even shoulder, may have its true origin in some other area. Tracking down and diagnosing orofacial pain in Los Angeles CA takes a special skill and knowledge. It helps if the dentist diagnosing orofacial pain truly considers it a calling, and has a wide range of experience in this field.

Finding the Source of the Pain

Each person experiences pain differently. During an initial consultation a dentist experienced in treating orofacial pain will work with you to find out the triggers that cause your pain, and how it presents itself. Once we are more clear on the causes and nature of the discomfort, it offers pathways to implement the variety of solutions available.

Non Invasive Dental Solutions Exist

There are non-invasive dental solutions for many types of orofacial pain. Sometimes a custom fitted mouth guard can relieve stress on the TMJs (jaw joints) allowing them to rest comfortably, and giving relief. A specialized mouth guard can also protect from tooth grinding. Other solutions to explore include changing habits that may unknowingly contribute to the problem, physical therapy and medication solutions.

Where Do I Begin?

If you have been living with orofacial pain, it may be hard to know where to start in finding a solution. You may have sought advice from relatives, or checked around on the internet, to see what information is there. At our office, we have convenient appointments, with new patient information packets available online to save you time. At your first office visit, we can begin our examination and discussion, to see how to help you find orofacial pain relief.

We Can Help Patients with Orofacial Pain

If orofacial pain is bothering you, contact Ivan Lapidus, DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA by calling (310) 446-4867 so he can help diagnose the causes of the pain, and suggest customized solutions to help you find relief. Orofacial pain does not have to be a continuing part of your life.