Using Dental Implants to Support Various Restorations

Over the years, patients who’ve experienced tooth loss to varying degrees have relied on different types of restorations to fully rebuild their smiles and once again enjoy the benefits of full, healthy smiles. Today, those benefits are more extensive than ever before, thanks largely to the use of highly advanced and biocompatible restorative materials and dental techniques. For example, many tooth loss patients can experience the most lifelike results by supporting their custom-designed restorations on an appropriate number of dental implant posts. Designed to replace lost teeth roots, dental implants can offer a higher quality of support for your replacement teeth, promoting a greater level of restoration for your smile and bite function.

Supporting a dental crown on a single implant

Tooth loss often begins with the loss or extraction of a single tooth. Even after replacing the tooth with a custom-designed dental bridge, patients can often experience further tooth loss in the future and require a larger dental restoration to address it. The cause of this lies largely with the processes that your jawbone and oral structures go through after losing the tooth’s root. For instance, the jawbone structure surrounding the empty socket where the tooth’s root rested will resorb, causing your dental ridge to lose mass and density over time.

Strategically placed implants for multiple lost teeth

Tooth loss doesn’t always begin with a single lost tooth, and many patients have multiple teeth to replace when they seek to receive dental implants. Depending the extent of your tooth loss and the positions of your lost teeth along your dental ridge, a custom-made restoration can be designed to optimize the use of dental implants in replacing all of your lost teeth. For instance, if you have multiple adjacent teeth to replace, then one or more dental implants might be able to support a dental bridge with an appropriate number of highly lifelike replacement teeth.

Rebuilding an entire dental ridge with dental implants

In cases where all of the teeth have been lost on the upper or lower dental ridge, full smile restoration can be more complex. Severe tooth loss, or edentulism, can have more pronounced effects on your jawbone and surrounding oral structures, which may impact some patients’ eligibility for receiving dental implant posts. While a series of dental implants may be able to support a full-arch restoration, the bone structure may require grafting first to restore the strength and integrity that it may have lost.

Learn if dental implants can support your restoration

Their biocompatibility makes dental implant posts a viable solution for supporting dental restorations of all sizes, from single dental crowns to complete, full-arch restorations. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call our dental office in Los Angeles, CA, today at (310) 446-GUMS (4867). We also proudly serve patients living in Santa Monica, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Century City, Encino, and all surrounding communities.