Address A Teeth Grinding Habit Before You Hurt Your Smile

If you grind your teeth throughout the night, you can leave your jaw joints and muscles feeling sore or tender the next morning. You can also experience pain or sensitivity in your teeth. These sensations can be unpleasant enough for people to start looking into treatment for a teeth grinding habit, a problem known as bruxism. What you should be aware of is the potential for this habit to do more than just cause you some discomfort. in time, you can actually wear down your teeth to the point of altering your smile, or even causing chips or cracks! At our Los Angeles, CA dentist’s office, we can review your condition and find a treatment solution that puts a stop to your bruxism.

How Serious Can My Teeth Grinding Issue Really Be?

There are several negative experiences that you can have if you continue to grind or clench your teeth. Pain is a frequent concern, particularly when you just wake up from a night of clenching or grinding. In time, you can experience dental damage that leaves you with flat, chipped, or cracked teeth. This problem can also lead to gum line recession, which can hurt the quality of your smile and also raise your risk for gum disease.

Jaw Pain And Teeth Grinding Can Be Linked

You may experience jaw pan after you start grinding your teeth. What you should know is that TMJ disorder is often linked to bruxism, with either condition being able to trigger the other one. What this means is that you may start to grind your teeth if you are not doing anything about persistent jaw pain or stiffness. There is also a risk that you will develop chronic difficulties with bite movement and pain if you keep ignoring the evidence that you have begun grinding your teeth at night.

Finding The Right Solution To Your Troubles

An oral appliance, worn while you sleep, can keep you from further wearing down your enamel by grinding and clenching. If necessary, we can also discuss physical therapy to improve your jaw movement and reduce issues with stress and general discomfort. Either solution can lead to relief over time, protecting your smile and bite function from harm. If necessary, we can include treatment for bruxism as part of a plan to address problems you have with TMJ disorder.

Your Los Angeles, CA Dentist Is Ready To Address Your Teeth Grinding Habit

At Jaws R Us in Los Angeles, CA, patients who experience symptoms of bruxism can enjoy the appropriate treatment for their difficulties. We offer more than one treatment option, so we can make sure that the approach we take is tailored to your needs. If you would like to find out more, please call our dental office in Los Angeles, CA, today at (310) 446-GUMS (4867).