Getting to the Root of Your Orofacial Pain

When it comes to treating any sort of medical condition, you want to relieve the symptoms while also addressing the cause of the problem. You need to understand the root of the problem before you can choose the right treatment for the issue. This is absolutely true of patients who are experiencing orofacial pain. The exact location of this pain, and the causes associated with this pain can vary drastically. Without knowing the root of your orofacial pain, your care provider cannot adequately address the issue. Here are some of the common causes of orofacial pain.

TMJ Disorders Affect the Joints of Your Jaw

Temporomandibular joint disorders are actually a series of different joint disorders that can affect your jawbone. TMJ disorders can cause inflammation and pain for individuals that experience them. If you notice an unexplained pain near your temples — one that occurs especially as you chew food or move your jawbone, this may be TMJ. Jaw injuries and diseases that affect jaw tissue can both cause this condition. The condition can also be activated by chronic teeth grinding.

Bruxism Damages Your Teeth as You Sleep

Bruxism is an unconscious grinding of the teeth as you sleep. Grinding your teeth on occasion is a natural reaction that many people have to stress or anxiety. However, bruxism occurs when you are unconscious. This can make it difficult to identify the condition. Often, individuals will wake up with pain in their jaw or teeth. The pain may even manifest itself in the patient’s ears. They may also experience chronic, unexplained headaches from the pressure they are putting on their jaws. A sleep guard, provided by a professional, can often reduce the harm caused by this condition and protect your teeth and jaw.

Osteoarthritis Causes Constant Pain

Osteoarthritis involves the breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone. This can cause constant pain in your face. If the joints between your jawbones are suffering from this condition, they may cause you pain as your chew, or even as you talk. Fighting that type of pain all of the time can become exhausting and frustrating. This condition presents itself slowly over the years, so you may not even notice as it starts to happen.

Find Out What’s Causing Your Orofacial Pain

You’ll never be able to adequately treat your orofacial pain until you understand the root cause of the problem. To find out what that root cause is, you need to work with a professional. At Ivan Lapidus DDS Inc, we specialize in diagnosing and treating orofacial pain. Whether it’s being caused by TMJ, bruxism, or something else, we can help. Schedule an appointment by contacting Ivan Lapidus DDS Inc in Los Angeles, CA at 310-446-4867.