Month: July 2020

Getting to the Root of Your Orofacial Pain

When it comes to treating any sort of medical condition, you want to relieve the symptoms while also addressing the cause of the problem. You need to understand the root of the problem before you can choose the right treatment for the issue. This is absolutely true of patients who are experiencing orofacial pain. The… Read more »

Why Periodontal Disease Is More than an Oral Health Concern

When it’s allowed to develop, periodontal disease can become one of the biggest risk factors to the health and integrity of your smile. For patients who have severe periodontal disease, it can be the leading factor in the loss of one or more of their teeth and the need to replace them. However, there are… Read more »

When You Treat Your Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Although obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, often causes patients who have it to snore loudly each night, snoring itself isn’t always the telltale sign of it. In fact, many people don’t realize they have a sleep disorder until the symptoms of it start to impact their daily life in different ways. Today, we examine a… Read more »

Why Your Headaches May Be an Oral Health Concern

Some types of aches, pains, and other symptoms can indicate an obvious concern with your oral health, even if you aren’t exactly certain what that concern is. For instance, if you develop a toothache, then there are few other reasons for it than a problem with your tooth and/or the surrounding oral tissues. However, many… Read more »

How Do We Treat Periodontal Disease?

A number of factors could lead to the onset of periodontal disease. Unless treated, this disease could lead to not only uncomfortable symptoms, but adult tooth loss too. In today’s blog, your Los Angeles, CA, dentist takes a look at how we diagnose and treat periodontal disease. We’re also discussing what you can do to… Read more »