The Dangers Of Gum Disease

Our goal is to help ensure the continued health, comfort, and function of smiles in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding communities. As part of this approach, we want our patients to understand the dangers of issues like gum disease, and what steps you can take to help prevent the disease. In addition, we’re going to look at how we manage periodontal issues to help you avoid complications like adult tooth loss!

Bleeding Gums and Tooth Loss

Trouble starts with inflammation, also known as gingivitis. When we develop gingivitis, the gums could feel sore or appear red. Bleeding when you brush and floss is common as well. Over time, unless treated, the inflammation grows more severe until the tissues pull away from the teeth. Pockets then form at the gum line for bacteria to enter, causing periodontal disease. Now, treatment is crucial. Since periodontal disease cannot be cured, we need care to manage the disease and prevent periodontitis, the advanced stage that severs the tissues connecting your teeth and gums, causing adult tooth loss. The factors behind your inflammation could include poor oral hygiene, which allows plaque to accumulate and inflame the periodontal tissues. Other causes could include a family history of periodontal issues, inflammatory illnesses, smoking cigarettes, and the use of certain medications.

Possible Treatment Options

For inflammation, we may suggest a deep cleaning, also known as a scaling and root planing, to remove all plaque and tartar. For periodontal disease, we could use pocket reduction surgery to reduce the depth of periodontal pockets and improve gum health. Gum grafting helps address the recession of your gingival tissues due to the disease. Following these procedures, we could clean your teeth every three to four months to keep inflammation under control and manage your oral health concerns. To prevent the issues from developing at home, make time to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, and floss every night before going to bed.

Addressing Your Lost Teeth

If you lose teeth to periodontal disease, or other issues, then we can offer treatment to manage underlying issues before replacing the lost teeth with dental implants. A dental implant acts as a new tooth root, and being made from biocompatible titanium, bonds with the jawbone. We then attach a restoration to complete the visible portion. With implant dentistry, we can provide new teeth that last for decades to come with proper care and attention. If you have any questions about protecting your gum health, then please contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Treating Gum Disease?

We’re here to answer your questions and address your concerns about gum disease. If you want to learn more, or would like to schedule an appointment once we open our doors again, then contact Dr. Ivan Lapidus in Los Angeles, CA, by calling (310) 446-4867. We’re proud to serve residents of the San Luis Obispo area!